Development of Monitoring Systems

Design, integration and structural interpretation of customized structural monitoring systems

Inalia is an engineering company expert in developing integral systems for continuous monitoring of the structural health of your assets.


1. Design of the monitoring strategy

Design the monitoring proposal that best suits the characteristics, operating conditions and environment of the project, and provides the structural information in the most direct and robust way.


In this phase, Inalia’s main tool is the experience of a multidisciplinary team capable of integrating mechanical, virtual modeling, electronics, communications and artificial intelligence knowledge in the solution.

2. Instrumentation and installation of sensors and electronics

Installation of sensors, electronic equipment, PCs, etc.

Own equipment

Although the commercialization of sensorics is not Inalia’s main activity; Inalia develops its own sensorics and electronics in those projects for which the commercial alternatives do not satisfy the optimal performance sought.

3. Data Acquisition

Data acquisition, processing and analysis.


Microcontrollers, proprietary software, communications (LoRa, 3G/4G, Wifi, BLE), on-the-edge computing.

4. Creation and correlation of physical-virtual models

They make it possible to give physical meaning to the data and convert them into useful information.


We combine models of structural, dynamic, fluid-dynamic, hydrodynamic nature. Our calculation software is NX.Nastran, Hexagon, Orcaflex.


5. Data visualization

We provide the data in a self-developed platform that allows us to visualize them through intuitive and agile graphics for the


DATIA – developed with CERN technology.