FLOAT&M: Integral Solution for Offshore Wind Maintenance and Operations

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As part of the FLOAT&M project, INALIA will develop a structural monitoring technology for subsea dynamic cable connectors to the floating wind turbine platform. This is a giant step forward for subsea asset integrity and monitoring designed specifically for floating wind. The FLOATt&M project is a “Comprehensive solution for the maintenance and operations of floating offshore wind using new technologies”.

The main objective is that the Basque industry can share a greater potential not only as services, but adding value through research and development of an integral solution for floating offshore O&M, through own innovations.

The project is led by SAITEC, and is being developed by 15 companies (among others, SENER, Alerion, Aeroblade, MMugape, Vicinay Marine, Nautilus, DITREL INDUSTRIAL S.L., Siderurgia SIDENOR, Inalia Innovación y Desarrollo, NAVACEL Process Industries, S.A., TECNALIA Research & Innovation, Ceit Centro Tecnológico, Tekniker, IKERLAN, Mondragon Goi Eskola Politeknikoa, UPV-EHU) and try to join efforts to face the challenges of floating platforms.

Inalia will participate by developing the structural monitoring of the floating platform.
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