Active control of the solar photovoltaic structure

Continuous measurement of stresses provides direct understanding of the structural health.

Aeroelastic phenomena and real wind loads on the panels are one of the biggest problems faced by large solar energy installations. Thanks to our products and know-how, we continuously monitor your structures by integrating real-time information with the tracker control.

Aerolastic phenomena

Continuous measurement of wind loads on the structure

Virtual physical model

We made a digital twin and correlated the data with reality using FEM.

Display and alerts

You will be able to access the data in real time and set alerts


We reduce maintenance times by anticipating possible failures. 

Real-time alerts reduce the risk of a potential catastrophic failure.

We integrate our solution with your tracking systems to provide them with intelligence and make better decisions. 

Configurable, real-time alerts. You will always be aware of what is happening with your assets. 

Machine learning algorithms combined with simulations mean that we can detect anomalies before they become catastrophic failures. 

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