Support for early stages of development

We eliminate uncertainties to reduce development times and ensure the success of the design proposal.

At Inalia, we develop engineering projects that partially or globally integrate our competencies in the field of structural monitoring and virtual modelling. The projects are designed to accelerate and respond to the following possible needs in development stages:

  • Measurement of the magnitude and distribution of actual operational loads.
  • Analysis of dynamic behaviour
  • Analysis of structural response
  • Correlation of physical-virtual models with real data
  • Criteria for mechanical dimensioning
  • Critical points in the design and possible improvements

We measure physical variables, provide them with structural interpretation and transform the data into useful information.

  • 1. Data collection

    Design of the monitoring strategy and analysis of the proposal that best suits the characteristics of the project / environment, and provides the structural information in the most direct and robust way. Instrumentation and installation of our own or commercial sensors / electronics. Acquisition of real data and subsequent data processing and adaptation.

  • 2. Creation and correlation of physical-virtual models

    Make physical sense of the data and turn it into useful information for early stages of development.

  • 3. Structural analysis and validation.

  • 4. Digital twin development

  • 5. Visualisation of data in the format of useful knowledge of loads, structure analysis, dynamics, etc.

  • 6. Propose design improvements