Predictive maintenance of your wind assets

Continuous measurement of stresses provides direct understanding of its structural health.

Modular and integral monitoring system for wind energy. We are able to know the general state of the wind turbine and the structure at all times, detecting anomalies and anticipating possible structural problems, saving maintenance costs and increasing the availability of the productive resource. 

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Dynamic stresses

Continuous measurement of structural loads

Virtual physical model

We give value to data: we combine and analyse measurements with digital twins and virtual physical models.

Visualisation and alerts

Predictive maintenance and real-time alerts


Reduce the cost of maintaining your onshore, offshore and floating offshore assets. 

Better knowledge of your assets translates into better maintenance plans, which means more uptime.

Receive real-time alerts of structural risks even before they become catastrophic so you can anticipate them.

Can you imagine being able to know the real loads of your structure? With our system you can know them in real time and shorten your design and development periods. 

With the generation of a virtual physical model, through the data obtained and correlated, we can detect anomalies so that you can act quickly. 

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