Marine Monitoring

Naval & Sailing

Development of Structural monitoring and Health Analysis systems in maritime sector.

Inalia specializes in developing structural monitoring systems in challenging offshore environment. Our solutions can provide comprehensive structural condition and health analysis of your critical marine components, structures or port infrastructures.



Structural & hydrodynamic analyses




We offer

Inalia offers large experience on monitoring strategy design, virtual modelling, delivery, and installation of turnkey monitoring systems in offshore environment.  All the way through to data analysis, diagnosis and digital twins.


Virtual modelling

Orcaflex hydrodynamic modelling, Cradle CFD fluidodynamics, structural Finite Element modelling MSC. Hexagon Nastran – Marc-.

Virtual models are useful to analyze the asset structural and hydrodynamic performance and define the appropriate monitoring strategy.  Inalia also integrates virtual model in data interpretation phases.


Strategy design

Design of the monitoring strategy and system architecture.

As the design is the key step to determine how we transform data into useful information; we base our approach on our expertise in mechanical design, structural and hydrodynamic analyses, and virtual modelling. We provide with full deliverable: number of sensors, locations, cable layout, system arquitecture, installation procedure and data conversion procedures  into useful information (loads, fatigue, performance).


Data acquisition: Installation of appropriate sensors and equipment

Fiber optics (FBG, DSS, DTS), accelerometers, IMU sensors and equipment.

Inalia has experience and knowledge of sensors and protections in marine environments. Inalia has installed and tested different types of sensors and protections in submerged and splash zones of the #Harslab floating laboratory to analyze their durability in harsh environments.


Data analysis

Interpretation and analysis of the data by specialist in physical-virtual modelling implementing real data (digital twins). Orcaflex hydrodynamic modelling, Cradle CFD fluidodynamic virtual models, and structural FEM models. 

Data Machine learning & AI analysis

Inalia integrates Machine Learning and AI tools in long monitoring campaigns to process data, identify patterns, make predictions, generate insights, and anticipate structural diagnoses for predictive maintenance.


Digital twins

Digital twins – Hidrodynamic & Structural- represent virtual replicas of physical assets or systems. These virtual counterparts allow for real-time monitoring, analysis, and optimization, providing valuable insights into the performance and behavior of assets.


Our projects

Wedge Global

Inalia collaborates with Wedge Global measuring mooring lines forces in a marine energy device. NEED Measure moorings lines forces on marine energy asset. CHALLENGES Definition of the measurement strategy to […]

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37th American´s cup monitoring

Inalia collaborates with AMERICAN´s CUP NYYC American Magic team on foils load monitoring.

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Inalia has contributed to the design, installation and data analysis of the monitoring system that measures aerodynamic and dynamic loads of Bound4Blue´s Suction sails for vessels.

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