INALIA Services

Smart solutions

Transformation of structural products into smart solutions

At Inalia we analyze your product, component, or industrial process and assist you in the digitization process through the integration of data acquisition and analysis systems.

Our solutions

Digitalization of physical product

We analyse your product performance and functionalities and help you with the design the strategy, delivery, installation of digitalization system architecture, that is adapted to the product design, and working requirements.

Develop new product functions extended or improved

Collect data that is generated when your devices or services are being used

We assist you in managing the data, analyzing it, and visualizing the information on intuitive and customized dashboards. We help you to manage the data, analysis, interpretate, and visualize it into dashboards.

Use customer´s data to expand or improve your business model

Use smart-services data-based services as part of your corporate strategy

We develop and incorporate machine learning algorithms and Artificial Intelligence tools to processes the data. These analyses identify patterns, make predictions, or generate insights, to help in making predictions, decisions, and recommendations based on the data, ultimately enhancing understanding and driving action.